The Lombardi Foundation

The Lombardi Foundation supports amateur athletics and leadership to youth and adults worldwide. The net proceeds of the Foundation, after the expenses of maintaining the Foundation and the annual presentation of the Lombardi Awards and Honors, are reserved for charitable causes selected by our Board of Directors which include: Texas Children's Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Harris Health.

Our Board, who serve pro bono, are guided by the Vince Lombardi family’s desire to continue the leadership and commitment of Vince Lombardi. His leadership principals, the seven pillars of life to college football and the commitment to community service are what the Lombardi Honors Awards represents.

The Lombardi Award and Lombardi Honors recognizes the nation's outstanding college football player and leader. To make the final list of candidates the player must best exemplify the discipline, virtue and wisdom that defined Vincent Lombardi and his exceptional leadership.

THE LOMBARDI FOUNDATION, INC. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

The foundation through its fundraising activities contributes to cancer research, cures and treatment for children who cannot afford cancer care.